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Kayak The Gorge

Your Columbia Gorge Paddling Adventure Awaits in Cascade Locks, Oregon




A Gorge-ous waterfront experience paddling in a protected cove on the Columbia River

Free Parking

USCG Certified Life Jackets

Paddleboards + Kayaks

Pets, Groups, Everyone is Welcome

360 Gorge Views

Protected Cove

Where to Find Us

 1425 Columbia Gorge Way, Cascade Locks, OR

Use these GPS coordinates

45.682519, -121.855349

Daily from June 5 - Sep 2

10am - 5pm

About Us

We're a new Kayak rental and tour business in Cascade Locks. Our mission is to get 20k Oregonians onto the Columbia and we're offering $1 Kayak rentals to make it happen

What used to be blackberry brambles is now a beautiful .5 acre of Columbia River waterfront near the mouth of Herman Creek.

The protected cove offers a 1.5 mile paddling loop with wind protection, crystal clear water, and plentiful fish and wildlife.


Herman Creek Cove Paddling Adventures

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